Wednesday, January 22, 2020


50 Of The Top Udemy Business And Marketing Courses On Permanent Discount

Learn top entrepreneurship skills at cheapest prices possible from a top instructor and an experienced entrepreneur

New York, NY - USA - Alex Genadinik is one of the most popular Udemy instructors, teaching business and marketing. He has 6+ years of teaching experience, 125 online courses, and over 160,000 students. He now opened up a page with permanent discounts for his top courses. Here is the page with Alex Genadinik’s Udemy course discounts on his best courses.

Udemy has recently changed their pricing model where $9.99 courses are only available on rare sales throughout the year. The list of courses on Alex’s site have permanent coupon codes which reduce the price to the lowest possible price available at the moment with Udemy’s new dynamic pricing.

Alex says,“I know first-hand how hit-or-miss online courses can be. I’ve been taking them myself for the last ten years on topics ranging from philosophy to psychology to business, and sales. A good course has to have an expert instructor who is good at teaching and wants to teach and see his students succeed. That is what I try to bring to my courses.” 

When you take Alex’s courses, you know that you are getting a course from someone who has deep business insight, experience teaching, and understands what entrepreneurs are going through because he has gone through it himself. Alex is also known to go the extra mile to help students in his courses by providing world-class support. Even though he has over 160,000 students, he answers 99% of his student’s questions within 24-hours and regularly holds student office hours.

 About Alex Genadinik
Alex Genadinik is a successful online entrepreneur with 6+ years of experience teaching business and marketing on Udemy, where he is one of the top business and marketing instructors. Alex is also a business coach with experience coaching over 1,000 entrepreneurs, and a 3-time bestselling Amazon author. Alex has a B.S. in Computer Science From San Jose State University.


Alex Genadinik