Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Can you actually rewire your mind to help you become successful in everything you do?

Often I get asked, "How in the world do you do everything you do?" My brows will furrow as I purse my lips to ponder the answer which is usually, "I don't know, my brain is wired that way." However, my mother said I was always this way. Well, I was up until I became very ill, and as a result ended up with amnesia for two years. Imagine going from being at the top of your field, and remembering nothing. I earned a PhD in statistics and in administration. After my illness, I couldn't add or substract. Everything that I once knew, I suddenly didn't. It took more than two years for me to regain my memory and once I did, I had to relearn everything. So, I believe that a person can rewire your mind to become successful in everything you do. Do you have to work at it? Yes. Will there be a challenge? Yes. That is why the book of the day, "Rewiring Your Success" is important to me -- it provides individuals with powerful insight to change their success level in everything we do.
Author John Qreshi explains how it’s not just about the doing of it. It’s about the breaking it down into actionable steps… and then doing it. So, he’s combined all of those actionable steps, one by one, into one book, and has called it "Rewiring Your Success," and is free at https://www.rewiringyoursuccess.com/free-book.
Can you actually rewire your mind to help you become successful in everything you do?
What's missing from your life that you really want?
Maybe it’s success in your business, a promotion at work or financial confidence; perhaps it’s certainty in life or significance, good health or whatever the next level is for you.
If so, what’s prevented you from making this change already?
Author John Qreshi explains, actually, how it’s not just about the doing of it. It’s about the breaking it down into actionable steps… and then doing it. So, he’s combined all of those actionable steps, one by one, into one book, and has called it "Rewiring Your Success."
This book is a business treasure for entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, trainers, coaches and anyone looking to gain massive confidence and have financial freedom.

Whether you are lost and not knowing how to do or what to do, or you are trying to get that upgrade in your career, figure out how to quit your job and become a freelancer, launch your entrepreneurial idea into a business, scale your existing business to the next level, or turn your current success into something very significant, "Rewiring Your Success" will prove to be an amazing tool.  
Unlike most business books that expound on theory and paint motivational pictures, John provides fast-beating knowledge with clear direction on exactly how to make money, keep money, and raise massive wealth with confidence. The book is very clear and straight forward, without any gimmicks and to the point on how one can recover from zero, to have an expert skillset and dominate the niche by solving a problem in the marketplace.
John is on a very clear mission to create more successful entrepreneurs and allow them to see their full potential, which will then compound to create the greatest lift of overall global fortune.
John describes how anyone can Rewire their Mind for success or to create financial independence, regardless of the economy. Based on real, tested principles and results applied to thousands of Qreshi’s own clients, this book will:
1. Help you to discover how you can rewire your mind to help you become highly successful at anything you choose, as fast as humanly possible.
2. Show you how to mark the most excellent way to scale your business Idea.
3. Guide you to discover your voice and gain financial confidence for the first time, to ensure security for you, or perhaps for your family and loved ones.
When you apply these strategies, you are going to see massive results in your career, your business, and your life.
Do you want to grow your wealth? Find financial abundance doing what you love?
Then you must start with your subconscious self, and the stories you're playing out there.
"Rewiring Your Success" will take you through the steps necessary to find financial confidence amidst the noise of the marketplace. This book will show you how to rewire your mindset to work for your success, and it will outline the exact habits and steps successful people take to live the life of their dreams, so you can take them yourself.
Don't live in limitation! Live alive. Live limitlessly. Live rewired.


John Qreshi coaches business owners to activate their inner strength and inspire them to reach their full potential. John is the founder and CEO of Quantum Master Coach™, John Qreshi Consulting Inc., and John-Q Trainings Inc. Businesses that have consulted with him have increased profits from $2.5 million to $64 million. He has mentored a Fortune top-500 CEO, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, psychiatrists, and consultants to create powerful breakthrough sessions and achieve proven results. He coaches in methods to instruct students toward a certified Quantum Master Coach™. John is a master trainer and board member of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has published articles in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company. He leads seminars on marketing, consulting, event planning, and sales boot-camps. His discussions explore topics including the art of selling, the psychology of persuasion, neuroplasticity, quantum physics, and neuro-science. He trains professionals including therapists and coaches using proven methods that result in powerful paradigm shifts and outcomes for his clients.


John’s training workshops provide easy-to-follow milestones to leverage your skill and target your message to your niche audience. His workshops guide entrepreneurs who are currently struggling to find their customer base and niche. With John’s expert strategy, students learn to understand their market and create products that will dominate the industry. This magic pill has never been shared with the public before. Even if you are starting from scratch, or are not sure of how to begin, John will inspire you to move the needle in your brand or business and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.