“Currently available for preorders on Amazon and launches on June 10, 2020.”
Mary Perry, author and evangelist, reveals her true story to help others struggling with faith, pain, and chaos in life as she reveals her relationship with her invisible friend – God.
New Orleans, LA, USA – June 4, 2020 – When Mary Perry looked at the events occurring across the globe, she couldn’t sit it out. Instead, she felt compelled to help others through her struggles, and how, holding firm to her faith, how she overcame them by writing “My True Invisible Friend: Magnificent Supernatural Powers,” currently on pre-order on Amazon and set to release June 10, 2020. Perry says, “Anyone looking for inspiration or if they want to know if God is real, will discover the answers in my book. I go into many things, including my battle with cancer. I don’t think that I am unique, but I wanted to share information during the COVID-19 Pandemic hoping that others can find peace and strengthen their faith.”
Dr. Melissa Caudle, editor and publisher with Absolute Author Publishing House says, “This book isn’t one that throws religion in your face; rather, it provides warmth, strength, and courage during times that are in chaos. I give it five stars across the board.”
L.A. Davis says, “Mary, this book is hilarious; it made me laugh, then cry.”
Mary Perry has a Master of Science Degree in Education. She is a mother, evangelist, widow, and retired teacher who worked with the Blind and Visually Impaired from birth to 22 years of age in the Central Texas area for over 38 years. Mary Perry is trying to reach individuals during the COVID-19 Pandemic to let them know there is hope in these challenging times of home confinement. Mary Perry’s debut book is a must-read for those who have a desire to experience a supernatural change in their life.
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