Sunday, June 14, 2020

We are all aware of the global pandemic surrounding Covid-19 but there is little firsthand information. Read one woman's battle to defeat what was going to kill her.

Diondra Flowers went to the hospital three times for respiratory issues. Each time doctors were unable to determine what was causing her pain. It wasn’t until a pop up testing center became available that Diondra was officially diagnosed with Covid-19. Making matters worse, she quickly discovered that all three of her children also tested positive! Frightened and fearing for their lives, she did what every good mother would: she buckled down, put on a brave face, and fought with everything she had to keep them all alive. A Battle With Covid-19 How I Healed Myself details her struggles with the deadly virus and what she did to eventually beat it. It explores the items and approach Diondra used and how they reacted to the various symptoms of the virus. Doctors insisted she be hospitalized, even put on a ventilator, but Diondra refused. Now she has written a book about her experience and how she fought the war against Covid-19.

This is a two-part series that include a 30-day journal.


The world has changed. No matter how you look at it, the novel coronavirus pandemic has shifted the way we conduct our daily lives. Fear collides with common sense and the lack of actionable information as governments and health leaders were caught off guard. The toll in terms of human life and mental stability continues to rise.
Despite this, tens of thousands who contracted Covid-19 have recovered. Hope exists, inspired by countless stories of men and women overcoming the deadly virus and being cheered as they leave the hospital. But the story too often ends there- without any examination of what those patients thought or felt.
A Battle With Covid-19 is the true story of Diondra Flowers and her personal struggles with the deadly virus. Filled with raw emotion, she takes the reader through the daily ups and downs as her body struggled to fight the virus. Far more than a physical contest, she discovered the emotional aspect was equally challenging.
This must read tale of survival exposes what so many news and media outlets fail to report. It is a concise exploration of the human cost of Covid-19 and how the recovery process continues long after the patient has been cleared. 


Diondra Flowers was born in Arkansas but grew up in California. She has been writing since the age of eleven writing  poetry. She is a single mother of three with a Bachelor's in Accounting. Her desire is that when her children are a little older she will seek her law degree.