Sunday, June 13, 2021

America, The Judgment of the Republic for Which it Stands: One Nation Under God -Author Interview


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Steven B. Ridley

Steven Riddley has said, he is not a writer; however, his inspiration has been as he has states, by divine intervention. In this he said, he doesn't have dreams or vision as many other prophetic messengers, he said these messages was dictated to him by the Holy Spirit during his prayer time over a seven-year period. I was sent a communicate about his book on Revelation as an interesting read. This book offered some profound biblically based assertions as well researched interpretations. His views in his chapter by chapter expository, offered some inciteful understanding on this difficult book. Many bible scholars would fine his assertions controversial but, in a context, supported by sound scripturally based concepts. He has no regard for being politically correct in his views. He has a bold but simple to understand, easy reading delivery. This book ends at the Obama presidency. --This text refers to the paperback edition.


America, The Judgment of the Republic for Which it Stands: One Nation Under God

In part one of “Biblical Prophetic Chronicles of the Last Generation,” (The Final Revelation Revealed), ended with the Obama administration. This part two was held pending the outcomes of the election President Donald Trump. This final revelation of what’s to come, evolves around these two administrations. I was led to hold these revelations for the benefit of their effect as waiting until many of the events, in the media are in the process of happening because of our short attention span. This was to get the readers attention by association. The nature of these chronicles as I have found are controversial in their presentation because of long standing traditional denomination doctrines. These are the hidden revelations that was held to be revealed to this generation about their future. With the Holy Spirit as my teacher and guide, you now can judge for yourself the content of these revelations from a scripturally base interpretation from the master’s teacher; the Holy Spirit.