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Dear Readers:

Every once in awhile I come across a Kickstarter campaign that I can get behind and promote and this one is no exception. 

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of “Retired” Crime Fighting!

Help Fund This Project on Kickstarter

Sunny Vale Retirement was just your typical senior retirement home, or so it seemed; however, it was so much more than the eye could see. The lower floors housed the headquarters of the ROFL. This is the start of a series of children’s tales about highly trained special agents who are secretly working under the disguise of being retired.

About the Author

In the long run, we wish to turn these amazing characters and stories into so much more. Our USPTO trademark was accepted and is in the final stage of “proof of use,” which will be completed upon the launch of this book. 3D animation files have been created for all ROFL characters. STL files have also been created to 3D print all of our characters and are complete; see examples below. Of course, with such a huge vision, it has required quite a huge investment as well. That’s where you come in with helping to turn this series into a printed reality!

When I buy a book for my daughter, I usually try to find one that won’t be read in just one quick night. Each story in the ROFL series will be a minimum of 75+ pages, this first story The Hunt for Captain Lapue, having a total of 79 pages. I hope that these stories will help create some unforgettable family bonding moments, night after night! Designed and created with everyone in mind, these action-packed adventures are for all ages, so dive right in with your children and discover the colorful artwork and comical characters.

For my initial campaign, I am crowdfunding to print The Hunt for Captain Lapue for an approximate 1,000 copy print run.

This campaign will enable my team to publish 1,000 copies and pay all of the incredible creators who have contributed their work. It will cover all publication costs, shipping, reward production, supplies, and Kickstarter/credit card fees.

We’ve created an entire storyline and just need your help to bring it to life!

 We're Ready For Print!! 

Help Fund This Project on Kickstarter

This story is about the Ruthless Captain Lapue, who is illegally hunting whales in order to maintain his musk business. Lapue is not alone in terrorizing the world’s oceans; his brainwashed walrus bodyguards, Snuggles and Gamora, are willing to follow any orders for a piece of fish. All government agencies have failed to apprehend Lapue, and the ROFL is brought in to get the job done.

The agents meet up at their secret base below Sunny Vale Retirement home and establish a plan to apprehend Captain Lapue. After creating a strategy of attack, they head out to sea. Olive and Gadget will take the ROFL submarine, and Large Marge will go it alone on the tactical boat while the rest of the agents are on call. Gadget has been working on some new nautical weapons and is eager to test them out. Finding Captain Lapue in the middle of the ocean is not going to be easy, but the ROFL are always up for a challenge.

Questions you may have about our rewards:

– All digital rewards will be sent to you and you may provide us with an email to send the other copy to a friend/relative, while physical rewards such as books and bookmarks will all be sent to the initial backer.

– Books are currently being produced as 8.5" x 11" softcover editions. We would like to make hardback copies for them later on but have yet to find a reasonable price on such a large book.

In this Kickstarter, we are asking for your help with a 1st edition 1,000 print run. This will be the softcover for the ROFL – The Hunt for Captain Lapue and we will number them 1–1,000.

– The ROFL is 79 pages long and we will be creating a one-time-only full-color canvas print for each page of the book created by our amazing artist, along with a certificate of authenticity. Images will be printed on 8.5" x 11" canvas.


Help Fund This Project on Kickstarter

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Stretch Goal – 3D Characters / 3D Animation

We are currently 3D animation-ready with all of the agents. Our goal is to create a 30-minute animation of The Hunt for Captain Lapue. Creating fully rigged animation characters is very time-consuming, and we have heavily invested in 3D models, 3D terrains, and 3D animations. We are very close to creating fully animated 3D cartoons. We are currently working with voice actors to try and put a voice to each agent. Our first priority is our love for books, but we would love to bring these characters to life in animation. We have also created 3D-printed characters for all the main agents of this story, including the villain Captain Lapue and his bodyguards. We are so very happy with the results of the 3D prints and wanted to offer these as rewards but could not have them ready in time. If we reach our stretch goals, the first print of these 3D figures will be offered here on Kickstarter first.

 MORE TO COME – Story #2! 

There is never rest when duty calls, so look forward to this story soon after!

Backers supporting at the Create an Agent rewards level are guaranteed their very own character extra in this next story, The Pursuit of Diamond Diego, OR the following third story.