Monday, June 21, 2021

Harvard to The Big House - Straight to Your House


  1. Harvard to The Big House - Straight to Your House

    Long before anyone in the mainstream media was sounding the alarm about COVID-19, I was meticulously tracking all of the emerging news around it and doing my best to sound the alarm about all of the anomalous characteristics carried by its genetic signature, and analyzing the ensuing geopolitical implications of its spread. Realizing that gain-of-function research was plausibly behind its origins, I began a petition to reinstate the moratorium against this far-too-risky research method, which is all the more important as American and Chinese finger-pointing has intensified we seem to be headed towards an intractable cycle of blame and geopolitical escalation, instead of focusing on the risks presented by allowing further gain-of-function research to occur.

    And after being submitted back in April, finally in August 2020 and after months of the mainstream scientific press decrying the idea as a “conspiracy theory,” my dad and I became the first authors to publish a peer-reviewed paper arguing that COVID-19 may well be the result of a viral gain-of-function research experiment that leaked out of a lab. Since the last time I formally studied science was 20 years ago when I took AP Bio, although I did the research and writing my dad served as a technical sounding board, basically acting as a thesis advisor and editor would.

    My father and I would end up working with a rag-tag bunch of internet strangers, with the two of us forming the nucleus of what would become D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Research throughout 2020.

    Prior to my incarceration, I’d spent my college summers and a bit of time afterwards working as an analyst for the NSA (a position I might have left a bit hastily) where I realized that the most dangerous threat against America wasn’t terrorists attacking us from the outside, but instead a socioeconomic implosion due to the racial inequities perpetuated by the various policies that have bulwarked inequality throughout almost all of our history, most recently the War on Drug’s destruction of the black family. So I left to write a book to dispel the myth of the Die Hard-esque super terrorist and explain the phenomenon as the inevitable response to widespread social inequality, you can find Tremble the Devil available in its entirety free online.

About the Author

America’s prison system is just the smoke, to accomplish meaningful criminal-justice reform our underlying generational conflagrations of racial, educational, financial, and social inequalities must be addressed alongside any lasting and meaningful change. Simply calling for laws to be slightly altered or pointing fingers at demographic imbalances are red herrings – fixing a system this broken first requires examining its very foundations and realizing that it’s built on an understanding of the human condition that’s over 200 years old.

It’s past time for a change.

The link between injustice and inequality can be traced back nearly 2,500 years to the birth of Democracy itself, when the Athenians observed the inextricable link between the two. So long as American society is riven by underfunded and mismanaged schools, multigenerational wealth gaps promulgated by unregulated Big Business, and a divisive sense of tribalism that refuses to acknowledge that different means neither better nor worse – our prisons will continue to be populated primarily by the unfortunate and the unlucky. Not necessarily the truly dangerous nor those who refuse to believe they need to change.

Over the past 200 years modern science has illuminated an immense amount about the human condition, from the broad sociology of behavioral economics to neuroscience’s nearly imperceptible synaptic disturbances. This site will explore what those discoveries mean for the implementation of punishment and justice, both from an academic perspective and from my own perspective after 1,300 days of incarceration.

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