Saturday, July 11, 2020

Two Promises

Today's book of the day gives hope and I highly recommend it. With everything happening around the world, we all need an example of how humanity can come together and create a brighter future if ...  Find out the rest of the if... in "Two Promises," by John B. Thompson Jr. You won't be sorry that you did. I highly recommend this book.

Two Promises Paperback – June 8, 2020

by John B. Thompson Jr.  (Author)

Two Promises is a story about a group of children who embark on a long-anticipated journey during which they come face-to-face with some extreme, and often dark, examples of human behavior. Determined to see the world returned to the innocence and glory of its creation, they form an unlikely alliance with a businessman and a street musician that leads to an epic world-wide event.

It is not the intent of the author that this book is read at face value, as a story about a group of children in a strange parade. Instead, you are invited to walk along with the characters as they describe scenes and images that hold hidden insights intended to provoke thoughts about your own place in the Master's plan and your preparedness for the end times. Look for the symbolism and hidden meanings. What does each character or place represent? How does the broader message relate to current real-world issues and events? Each element of this story contains several levels of meaning, all with a focus on the spiritual sense. The meaning you draw will be based on your own personal experiences, and may change over time as you progress on your spiritual journey. How will you interpret the different scenes? Which applies to your spiritual journey? Do some changes need to be made?

Come, join the 'parade'…

Product details

Paperback: 126 pages
Publisher: Independently published (June 8, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1649457189
ISBN-13: 978-1649457189
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

About the Author

John is a retired corporate safety manager, having served in the field of environmental, safety, and health for almost 50 years. His experience started as a member of a volunteer rescue squad and continued as he progressed from safety engineer to senior manager during his successive tenures at three Fortune 500 companies.

This book is based on a series of dreams he experienced while quarantined during the 2020 pandemic. John, who rarely remembers a dream, was struck by the depth and detail of these dreams, and he felt compelled to write a summary of them to see if he could make sense of their meaning. Upon awakening each morning, he would write, with each chapter being completed in just a couple of hours. Over the next two weeks, the dreams continued, ending on Palm Sunday. Two Promises, as published, is almost exactly as it was when the last chapter was completed that morning.

John is not an ordained minister, not a religious leader, and does not consider himself to be the true author of this book. The message in his dreams helped John through a struggle he was experiencing with his spiritual journey, and he believes that message as captured in Two Promises was meant to be shared - which is why he pursued it to publication. John has served in leadership positions with his church - on their parish council, finance committee, building committee, prison ministry, youth retreats, and as a high school Christian Education teacher. In 1982 he served on a Cursillo team with Bishop Walter F. Sullivan at the Spring Street Penitentiary in Richmond, Virginia. In 1984 Bishop Sullivan again called upon him, this time to serve on the Richmond Diocesan Pastoral Council. John served for eight years, two of which he chaired a team to advise the Bishop on the need for, and role of Deacons in the Diocese, and two of which he served as chair of the Council. In 1999 Bishop Sullivan appointed John to the board of Shalom House, a retreat house in Ashland, Virginia, in need of renovation and expansion.

John resides in Virginia with his wife Kathy, whom he married in 1974. Both were active with the Richmond Cursillo movement in the '80s, and as Stephen's Ministers in the '90s and early 2000s. They have two grown children, Christina and Gregory.