Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Little Box Of Crochet

If you want a little bit of everything, you will want to read this book filled with golden nuggets.

A Little Box Of Crochet (Kindle Edition)

by Simab Shaheen (Author)

A little box of crochet is a collection of short stories.

In this book, there are four compelling stories; the characters who inhabit the stories evoke a feeling of empathy and reinforce a sense of belonging.

 "The last train to Earth," tells a story of human life, survival. A man embarks on a journey to another planet; only he learned the value of compassion.

"The Resilient" is an inspiring tale of a woman who suffered the trauma of discrimination. Still hopeful for a loving world.

In "The Secretary's Wife," two women formed a bond as each search for freedom and identity.

"A New Beginning" is about the pursuit of happiness through creativity and giving back to society.

The readers are sure to be delighted by this straightforward narrative.

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Simab Shaheen is a writer, blogger, and social activist. She is the author of the new book "A Little Box of Crochet." Working with underprivileged children transformed her into more compassionate. She extensively worked for children's issues. Simab is a dreamer and a traveler; she travels widely with her husband.

Writing has always been a hobby for Simab Shaheen. After winning a short story competition recently, she realized there is something valuable to share with the world and turned to write full time.

Since turning her passion into a profession, Simab Shaheen has written prolifically and is continually exploring new themes, genres, and ideas.