Friday, July 31, 2020

A Look into: Black Independent Filmmaking

This book of the day comes with a high recommendation from me. Not only am I bestselling author, but I am also a filmmaker. I've had my fair share of time in front of and behind the camera and I know what it takes to make it in the film industry. It is a school of hard knocks, trust me. That is why today's book is important. "A Look into: Black Independent Filmmaking" by Mann Robinson gives the nuts and bolts. If your interested in working in the film industry and need answers, this book is a must-read. Take a look.

A Look into: Black Independent Filmmaking

by Mann Robinson


Have you ever thought about pursuing your career in the film industry?

Do you actually know what it takes to be a super-successful filmmaker?

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if one day you make it to Hollywood?

Now please, paint this Hollywood vision inside your head, imagine that. How sweet does is it feel? How bad do you want it?

And I am not just talking about Hollywood. There are so many ways and movie areas where you can succeed as a filmmaker, Hollywood is just that super delicious cake which bite everyone wants to get…

Unfortunately, for most filmmakers, this is a never achieved dream, a struggle dream they once wanted to attain but failed.

And I am not going to tell you that it is going to be easy, that’s just not the way life works, and the film industry is no different – if you want huge success, it requires a lot of effort following the right directions.

And if you are truly willing to strive for that fame and success, you came to the right place.

Throughout this book, I will lay the foundation – the most important things you need to know about the film industry and how to step your foot into it – successfully and fast-track your journey towards that Super-Star Dream.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover inside:

·         Do African Americans have an advantage in the Film Industry, or is it more difficult?

·         Is movie making for you? Discover the essential characteristics of future industry professional

·         Do you need film studies, and how can you start all on your own?

·         Can you start with no money? Find out if it is possible

·     Should you quit your job to start a film career? What are other options to stay financially secure while pursuing your dreams

·         4 Major Tasks Of a Filmmaker – film producing, film making,…

·         How do you sell your movie scrip at a high price?

·         Much much more…


And keep in mind that you don’t need to be a super-talent to start as long as you have a strong desire and are willing to put in the work needed.

In this case, this is a book for you!

So don’t wait, click on “Buy Now” and get one step closer to the fame and success you have always been dreaming about!

Mann Robinson: the man behind the big screen

Known for big name films including Turnt (2020), His Hers & The Truth (2019) and A Love to Die For (2020), Mann Robinson has established himself as a viable independent filmmaker and producer who has much to bring to the industry. Originally making his roots in the rap game, Mann evolved after writing his first movie K.A.R.M.A. in which film became his new artistic pursuit. Studying the history of film and film equipment whilst simultaneously incorporating his “Mann Robinson Productions”, Mann went on to enrol in Full Sail University by 2014. Having relocated to Atlanta, he launched his production house Metro Wealth Studios as well as hosting acting seminars and workshops through his own Atlanta Actors Workshop. In doing so, he was able to form a database of thousands of actors which he would use in his future film projects.

During his free time, he started writing Turnt (2020), basing its story on his own experiences in the entertainment industry and on the street. His collaboration with friend Jamal Woolard helped to flip the movie from a documentary style film to a hood drama feature film. The film continued to garner interest, with the cast rapidly growing and Mann having to write new scenes to accommodate this.

As his production was growing, Mann went on to fill in the role of director for Nick Lewis’ “Slanging birds”. The film debuted at the Orlando Urban Film & Music Festival and went on to win two first place awards.

This created an increasing buzz around Turnt, and with casting being announced, interest from numerous big names in the entertainment industry grew further and further.

Mann Robinson is a figure within the entertainment industry that has a mission to produce amazing projects, and he is so far succeeding. The independent filmmaker is on the rise and has various promising projects in development. Through his passion, these projects have to come to life including the likes of Troubled Waters (2020); Homelessness is not a crime (2020), Sebastian (2020), Justice On Trial (2020) and Super Turnt (Turnt 2).

Keep an eye out for Mann Robinson, his productions garner constant praise and he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.