Saturday, October 17, 2020

Mia and Anthony and the Hidden Treasures: Treasure Number One – A Big, Brave


Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Mia and Anthony and the Hidden Treasures: Treasure Number One – A Big, Brave" by Joe Khoury is perfect for a family sit down and reading time. The main characters, twins, discover they are superheroes and face a brand new challenge. Take a look at this adorable book illustrated by Yar El Khoury.


Mia and Anthony and the Hidden Treasures: Treasure Number One – A Big, Brave Heart Paperback – Large Print, September 30, 2020

by Joe Khoury  (Author), Yara El Khoury (Illustrator), Brandi Khoury (Contributor)



“I’m never brave. I get scared by lots of things… even little creepy crawlies.”

A Big Brave Heart tells the exciting story of what happens when twins, Mia and Anthony, dress up as superheroes for the day. The brother and sister think they are only play-acting but soon discover that they are real heroes, despite having all the fears and worries of typical young children.

The twins’ father presents the pair with a challenge. They have to do one brave thing a day and then write it up in their diaries…

What a worry for little Mia and Anthony as they don’t feel brave at all!

The pair soon surprise themselves, though, as their diaries start to fill up with all the brave and wonderful things they get up to in just one ordinary school day! They find the courage to overcome their shyness and speak to the lonely new boy who starts at their school; and make a new friend in the process. They go on to stand up to a group of bullies who are upsetting one of their friends; and they are brave enough to recognize when they make mistakes and need to apologize to another friend.

As their day progresses, the young twins have more and more opportunities to show their courage and they learn that bravery isn’t about not being afraid; it’s simply about not letting your fears stop you from doing what is right. Once they conquer their fears, the children learn that true courage lies in caring about other people and in being honest.

So, you don’t need a fancy costume and X-Ray vision to be a superhero, after all!

This is the first book in the Ten Hidden Treasures series. Each book follows Anthony and Mia as they learn important values they will need to take to heart as they grow up. Whether it’s courage, kindness or the importance of family, the reader explores these concepts thru engaging stories set in the midst of a loving family environment. The tales avoid lecturing or preaching to the readers. Rather, these lovely stories make their ideas very real and accessible by placing them firmly in a world that young readers can relate to and can understand. By reading these enchanting tales with their parents, children will learn about important core values and will be keen to emulate their new friends, Mia and Anthony.

About the Author

Joe Khoury writes on important topics to him; on core values that he hopes would inspire, educate, and enlighten his children, step-children, and hopefully others.

Losing both his parents to cancer, while he was still a child, Joe fully understands the importance of family life, and rates being a father and husband above any of his other – formidable – achievements.

Immigrating from Lebanon during the 2006 war, Joe made it to the USA and immediately set about achieving his major goals: to have a large family, to work successfully, be the best father, husband and man he could be.

Having lost his parents while so young, Joe realized that he didn’t really know his parents at all: what were their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears and even points of view on certain topics? Finding a few precious notes in his mother’s handwriting moved him deeply, and he decided to begin writing so that – in the event that something should happen to him – his children and even future grandchildren would be able to get a sense of Joe Khoury, the man, from his works.

He mandates self-care as a basis for good living and to enable a person to then take care of others: family and close friends first, the world, if necessary, next! He believes that it all start with the individual; work on yourself, take responsibility of your life and actions and become the best example you can be for people around. What we do affects so many.

Joe Khoury lives in Connecticut in the USA with his beautiful wife Brandi and their blended family. As a result of his own circumstances, family is highly important to Joe, who rates being a father and stepfather to six: twins Mia and Anthony, along with Jillian, Joanna, Deanna and Dominic, as his greatest achievement. He writes for them.