Monday, October 5, 2020


System Machine
“In Dust We Trust”
Directed by Robert Meharg
Ethical Earth Records

When I play music, I don't stop at one genre. In fact, I listen to everything from classical to hard rock and things in between. It really depends on my mood and what I am doing. Music is a part of my life. As a child, I took violin and viola lessons and played in the orchestra throughout high school. Then, as an adult, I bought a piano and taught myself to play. Today, I compose music and have several albums. I bet you didn't know that about me. That is because I record under Mystic Towers. Now, you have it.

I am introducing you to a wonderful band from across the pond today called SYSTEM MACHINE. What I find intriguing about this group is their music. It takes me back to my younger days when I lived in London, studied at the University there and to be honest, during the weekends, spent my time in the Underground. I loved the rawness of it all then, the lifestyle, and the MUSIC! System Machine is one of those bands with a touch of metallic, hard rock, Black Sabbath, and more and they just released their new album "In Dust We Trust."  Take a listen to the song and then learn more about this music group. While your there, subscribe to their channel.

Now that you have heard one of their songs, let's learn more about this group.


SYSTEM MACHINE are a dark electronic industrial metal band formed in 2016 and based in Belfast Northern Ireland. They are a socially conscious band who express political and social views in their songs. They draw heavily on their influences whether it's electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and Gary Numan or baknds like Killing Joke, Daft Punk, and Sisters of Mercy. They are a little bit rock, punk, metal, grunge, and a whole lot more.


Dust We Trust” is a fierce reaction to the global health crisis, and all of the discontent, bottled-up rage, and distrust of authority that we’ve all felt over the last nine months are audible in its brutal groove. Yet the sentiment applies just as well to other cases of widespread human negligence. In a world out of balance, System Machine offers a wake-up call – a song that asks whether the way we’re living is sustainable, and wonders aloud whether we’ve got what it takes to adapt to crises. Can human beings make sacrifices for the common good? Meharg doesn’t pretend to know for sure, but in every line he sings, his meaning is clear: we’d better learn how.


Who or what has been your greatest influence on your style?

System Machine's main influences are Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode, Rage Against The Machine, the Cure and Marilyn Manson. I am personally massively influenced by a lot of the great rock and alternative artists from the 50's right through to the 90's but there are far to many of those to list here.


How did you get started in your career?

I start my music career back in 1989 at the tender age of 14 when I played my first gig in a small local community hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland to around 15 people. We only had 4 songs which we must have played at least 5 or 6 times each! A few weeks later I started playing in bars in Belfast (under adult supervision off course) which helped immensely with my development as a musician.


What struggles or barriers did you face or are you facing to promote yourself and your work?

Having started playing gigs at 14 in Northern Ireland at the tail end of the 80's I found myself thrust into an adult world I was barely prepared for. This was pre-peacetime in Northern Ireland and unfortunately violence was all around us which added a darker element to everything in our lives although at the time we really didn't think about it. It was just our normal and it's only now when I look back retrospectively that I fully understand just how dangerous a time it was.


What life lessons have you learned and how have they influenced your style?

Not to dwell on things, to keep my headspace free of negativity and to avoid embracing my ego! I've also learned over the years that it's so much better to be honest with myself about everything no matter how hard that may be. I try my best be honest to myself about myself and the world around me. That can feel quite daunting at times especially when I'm taking a really look at the world around me but for me self honesty is the best policy and helps me greatly when it comes to my music but my greats life lesson is to always have empathy for people I don't know because no matter who you are there will undoubtedly come a time in your life when you will need someone you don't even know to care about you. It happens to us all at some stage in life.

Right now, your having a contest for your fans, tell me about that.

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