Friday, October 23, 2020

Keeping It Together Paperback – Large Print, October 17, 2020


Today's book of the day, "Keeping It Together" by Morgana Sin is a one of a kind and I don't mean that lightly. When I say, it is a memoir, you can believe it, but don't. It is more than that -- it's a journey unlike any other. If you or if you know of someone who is suffering with depression or is a victim of abuse, any abuse, this book is for you. Take a look.

Keeping It Together Paperback – Large Print, October 17, 2020

by Morgana Sin  (Author)



— Selfhood, psychedelics, and the ancient journey home —

More than a memoir, Morgana Sin’s dark debut explores the very fabric of time and space. Beyond a tale of trauma and redemption, Keeping It Together empowers all victims to reclaim their sense of worth. Personal and universal, tragic, and hilarious, this story proves a puzzle of the very highest order. Lucid from infancy, followed by curious numbers, Cynthia always knew that she was special . . . but a childhood rife with violence and sexual abuse would set the stage for even harder days: marriage to a monster and betrayal in its foulest form. Yet even life’s most stubborn cycles CAN, at last, be broken by a total transformation. Before finding peace in the present, however, we sometimes must unriddle a past that’s full of pain and mystery. With eternal resolve, Cynthia embarks upon a path of self-discovery that radically alters her world view. Healing via psychedelics, facing mystic entities, she now must ask the biggest questions: what is “444” and who, exactly, is Morgana Sin? The blissful answers here within are sure to blow your mind . . .

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·         Publisher: Independently published (October 17, 2020)

·         Language: English

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Morgana Sin lives in Berlin, Germany with her children. She makes her debut, and hopes her book inspires others.