Monday, October 26, 2020

Never Going Home – October 18, 2020 by Jeff Marlowe (Author)


Okay all my romance enthusiasts; here is a perfect novel for you. Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Never Going Home, " by Jeff Marlowe is sure to please. Take a look.

Never Going Home – October 18, 2020

by Jeff Marlowe  (Author)


Din Swift lives a life of quiet desperation. A mundane job, an abysmal wage, and a one-way road to nowhere permeating his everyday life. All this leaves him and his even more infuriated best friend, Chris, wondering how and why they came to find themselves in this world of an increasingly disposable workforce. A time far different from the “American Dream” they were brought up to know, and a vision that older generations have enjoyed considerably more. They dare to question all this and more.

What Din is not so inclined to share is that he has already quit his job, yet does not have the nerve to tell anyone. Be it a newfound courage or a crazed second wind, Din decides to fix everything by finding a new job and thereby hoist himself out of this rut. In painful and even comical fashion, Din discovers the process of interviewing to be a full-time job in and of itself, and soon realizes why he was so reluctant to resign to begin with. It takes an agonizing twist of fate to reevaluate everything about himself, as well as everyone around him.

Follow his journey as he navigates catastrophic romances, the testing of friendships, and ultimately comes to question if the modern America he lives in, both economically and culturally, may really be within an irreversible era of decline.


"Never Going Home" is the story of Din Swift, a relatively average man with an average life.Average, however, is not all it's cracked up to be, so Din begins to take steps to create achange in his life. Perhaps a bit prematurely, Din quits his job and begins to search forhappiness. Job interviews and dating are both challenging and frustrating for Din, whichmakes him take a look at himself, and society as a whole. Where does he begin in the questfor change? 

I have not read a book quite so real as "Never Going Home" in a very long time. I alwaysenjoy a book that the author is clearly passionate about or invested in, which is clearly thecase here. Author Jeff Marlowe has delivered a relatable work of fiction that simultaneouslycalls attention to flaws in the way our beloved society operates, particularly in regard toemployment and the "American Dream" we are expected to chase after. I must say I wasimpressed with this book; if you want to read and be entertained while fostering deeperthought, then Marlowe's book is for you! I recommend everyone give this book a read atsome point, a real modern-day classic!

- The Lost Chapter Book Review


Jeff Marlowe lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, marketing and writing at a major law firm. He considers Philadelphia, along with the surrounding Pennsylvania and New Jersey area his home. Jeff holds a master’s degree in English Literature, and has taught English and writing courses at various colleges and universities throughout the country. Never Going Home is his debut novel, with many more books to follow. For more information, visit