Wednesday, October 7, 2020



It is with great pleasure that I bring to you a video interview with the creative team of the film Rain Beau's End. 


Story Summary

When a progressive lesbian couple adopts a child with a genetic predisposition for violence, they must contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance as they struggle to raise their family. 

About Rain Beau’s End

Rain Beau’s End is so much more than a story about two women raising a child. Beau, the young boy that they adopt, is diagnosed with 47,XYY shortly after they bring him home. In the late 90s when our story begins, 47,XYY, or Jacob’s Syndrome, was erroneously believed to undeniably predispose a boy to aggression. Our story spans 20 years as our two main characters, Hannah Driver and Jules Paradise, navigate the bumpy waters of Beau’s behavioral issues and how it not only affects his life and the small town they inhabit, but most especially their relationship. As both Beau and research grows, Hannah and Jules must face the reality of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In symbolic keeping with “The diagnosis is all you see,” Beau is never actually seen in the film. Only his essence and his effect are made manifest as these two women ask, “How can we accept the unacceptable?” when their child’s behavior is by all counts everything they stand against.

 The team from Rain Beau's End is giving away a television. To enter click on the picture and register with your email.