Sunday, October 11, 2020

UNBOWED-A Novel: Unyielding, No Surrender, No Submission, No Apology


I have a very special book for you today because it empowers woman. I love a book with strong female protagonists and "UNBOWED-A Novel: Unyielding, No Surrender, No Submission, No Apology" by LESTINE is perfect. The book is provocative, disturbing, multiracial action-packed drama fueled by one woman's unwitting decision. This is a must-read! Take a look at the book and be sure to watch the magnificent trailers.

UNBOWED-A Novel: Unyielding, No Surrender, No Submission, No Apology - September 8, 2020

by LESTINE --- (Author)


UNBOWED-A Novel is a provocative, disturbing, multiracial action drama, fueled by one woman's unwitting decision. 

Basma Abseh is an obedient Yemeni mother haunted by a traumatic childhood experience. A child bride at 13, she's never been in love, nor felt the stirring of sensual desire. She's resigned to her daily routines. But all that changes at a bus stop one stormy afternoon, when a red sports car pulls up driven by a handsome young stranger. Soon Basma is forced to make an almost impossible choice: her family's honor or her own Life.

When terror strikes one of her 'safe' houses, activist Dr. Neelam Sethi seeks to expose the shocking brutality inflicted worldwide on women and girls by their families. But has she taken on more than she can handle?

A rescue gone wrong transforms beautiful journalist, Zafeera Hasni, into a hijab-wearing soldier carrying an AK-47, with a jaw-dropping mission. Is she a new action hero or just mad?

Set in present day cosmopolitan cities with their burgeoning immigrant populations and other international locales, UNBOWED weaves together three plotlines that illuminate the violent extremes some patriarchal cultures have gone to, in reinforcing absolute power over women and girls, and the equally extreme, yet opposite paths these women embark on to change the game.

This highly cinematic tale offers the reader an intimate account of multicultural women who have the courage to challenge not only their family's antiquated beliefs about their humanity and place in the world, but the debilitating stereotypes promoted by the West.

A must read for anyone who still has hope in the human spirit to triumph in a cynical divisive world.