Saturday, October 10, 2020

Wash Your Hands



Today's BOOK OF THE DAY is a very cute children's book that teaches kids why washing their hands and wearing a mask is important. As parents, we want the best for our children, but sometimes getting them to wash their hands or wear their mask is a challenge. With this book, kids will learn why it is important. Take a look at "Wash  Your Hands, " by Kitty Lee and illustrated by Lovyaa Garg.

Wash your hands Paperback – June 1, 2020

by Kitty Lee  (Author), Lovyaa Garg (Illustrator)

Are you looking for a way to discuss the current events with your kids without making them scared?

Do you need a children’s story that’s fun and educational and suitable for our times?


The kids just adore their stories, and so do adults. We use stories to pass the time, have fun, make sense of the world, and learn something. And when times get a little tough and uncertain, kids’ stories, fun characters, and hopeful and educational messages might be just what the doctor ordered!

Wash Your Hands follows the story of a little girl named Kitty as she navigates her new reality with help from her trusted friends, such as Lyza the Life Saving Spray and Matt the Mask. Kitty and her cleaning troops go on an adventure to save Kitty’s grandma and teach other kids about safe cleaning practices. This book offers some good advice wrapped in an uplifting and fun kids’ story. 

What makes this book special:

·         Kids will love their new friends and will learn how to stay safe

·         It’s 100% kid-friendly and beautifully written with lots of rhymes

·         You and your kids will learn a lot AND have a lot of fun

·         It’s a great tool to teach your kids without overwhelming them

·         When they see Kitty washing hands, your kids will follow suit


Children’s stories are a great source of love, inspiration, and hope. Time and time again, kids can use them to learn about the world, have fun, and relate to the characters, with some of them even becoming new best friends. This period calls for some great children’s stories, and Wash Your Hands will prove the best aide and teaching tool you have!




Kitty Lee a native of Virginia is the CEO of KittyKittyBooks LLC and a master storyteller who crafts fun, educational, and age-appropriate tales and activity books around the Coronavirus without making them too overwhelming for a child’s young mind.

Kitty knows how hard it is to put difficult topics into words that kids can fully comprehend without getting scared. This is why she made it her life’s mission to create fantastical plots and awesome characters that help soften the blow without sacrificing the truth, so that parents can have honest, heart-to-heart conversations with their children about what is going on in the world, while keeping them engaged, safe, and informed.

Kitty’s most well-loved children’s books include a Wash your hands story book, a Wash your hands coloring book, and a Wash your hands word search puzzle book that center around the current coronavirus pandemic, complete with fun, exciting characters and hopeful, educational messages that nurture kids’ curiosity and creativity.

For more information about Kitty Lee and her wonderful books, visit Kitty Kitty Books on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.