Wednesday, September 9, 2020


The other day I presented my audience with the BOOK OF THE DAY by Steven Hightower. Today, you get to meet this very interesting author. First about his book "A New Beginning."

A New Beginning: The Smoke of One Thousand Lodge Fires

(Kindle, Paperback, & Hardback)

by Steven Hightower (Author) 

To My Readers, Our Heroine, Topusana (Prairie Flower) awakens in a hidden cavern in the Texas Hill Country after having survived an attack by the Texas Rangers which brutally takes the life of her only daughter. During that battle Topusana is herself rescued from captivity by her husband Tabbananica (Voice of the Sun). The year is 1844. The Native American couple, along with a handful of survivors, escapes not into hiding, or a secret land, but into the “Dream Time.” Topusana, after seemingly sleeping in the hidden cavern only a few days, awakens to a world she has never seen or known. The year she awakens is 2020. Her life goal and purpose is establishing a homeland for her surviving tribe. In 2020 Topusana will face the same enemy, the United States Government, that nearly brought about the demise of her people in 1844. A beautiful story of survival and triumph unfolds as Topusana (Sana) adapts to the incredible obstacles to which she has awakened. She will move from the stone-age, into the modern world over a period of a few short months. With the help of a handful of characters whose lives are filled with integrity, grace, and kindness, a new world and time begin. Narratives of actual events and battles are intertwined throughout the book. The historical record that is brought will transport readers into the fascinating history, and heartbreaking destruction of the Comanche Nation in Texas. (Think Dances with Wolves) What is fresh and different about the work, is the creative mystic twist of what I call “The Dream Time.” Here is a powerful story of a Native American people possessing the faith, gifting, knowledge, or “Powerful Medicine,“ to transport Comanche survivors into a different time, thus enabling a decided alteration.

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I absolutely loved this book! I truly believe it’s going to be a tremendous success. Look out Hollywood; here comes Steve. Think Kevin Costner, “Dances with Wolves.” Texas style. Kathy L. McDonald

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Smoke from a Thousand Lodge Fires.” An incredibly imaginative story with some wonderful characters. I really like good historical fiction and this book certainly fits the bill. James Hobbs Flying J Ranch

Steve skillfully weaves a story line from two different eras together into an interesting and entertaining narrative. Along the way, the reader is treated to a history of early Texas, New Mexico, and the native people who lived off the land. Frieda Dickson

I just finished your book as a sample reader and I loved every second of it!!! Ron Anderson

Steven Hightower (Author)

Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

(I am very uncomfortable talking about self…) but here is a little of my story.

I grew up in west Texas, where many of my stories take place. I grew up on what some have said was the wrong side of the tracks, which means the poor side of a very wealthy town.

My parents divorced when I was 15. I attended three different high schools and was always an outsider.

My growing up years were difficult; I left home and moved to another state at 17 and simply started over on my own. I think they have a name for that now… an emancipated teen. Back then, I was just a young man, making his own way in the world.

I somehow graduated High School, narrowly, not due to intelligence, but rather very difficult circumstance.

But I knew if I worked hard, which I did, I could do or become anything I could dream.

With the support of my wife, soulmate, and perfect helpmate, Ellie, we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. Those blessings come from our loving creator.

Those dreams and blessings… have come true for me. I have been married now for 40+ years. I have a beautiful family and have had an amazing career as a commercial pilot.

I live in a beautiful little town in the mountains of central New Mexico. We have been there for the entire 40+ years of our marriage.

I also live part of the year in a very small town on the pacific coast of Mexico.
This is where my sailing adventures found within ANB originate.

What inspired you to author your book?

I explored the setting, the caverns as a young man. It was a fascinating place.

I would often fly over central Texas in my profession as a commercial pilot.

Two years ago, I was at 36 thousand feet directly over the site of my adventure so many years ago. I simply had a thought --  wouldn’t it be interesting to write about that adventure…so long ago. What if?

What if I wrote a book set in the modern day about an Indian tribe awakening in the cavern, exiting into the modern world we live in.

Within the next 15 minutes, I had a complete outline of the book on the back of a flight plan form.

It was absolutely inspiration from on high (literally).

I wrote the entire novel over the next 60 days.

Then began the hard work…

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

Hours of perusing the internet, I knew what I wanted a combination of the new and the old. Many do not notice the high lines in the sky beyond the teepees; they are there quite intentionally.

There is a fictional painting within the pages that I really wanted to have created as the book cover. I was simply not able to locate the right artist for the creation of the Masterpeice described in the book… perhaps that person is yet to be found. Book 2 is well underway. I would love to use the painting within One Thousand Lodge Fires for the cover on book 2…are you out there?

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?

Too many to count, if I had to narrow it down… I read a series of books in my 20’s set in the American West by AB Guthrie…still some of my favorite books.
I absolutely love the writing of James Lee Burke.

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

I know absolutely nothing of the publishing world. It has been good to learn new things, however disappointing that learning curve is.

Obstacles? I have a drawer full of rejection letters. Each one is hard to read. But I know I have created something special, so I press on.
Tell your readers about your book.

This is a very emotional book. It is filled with the tragedies of our history and the real-life circumstances that happen to all human beings. There is clear good… and evil.

There are spiritual truths embedded within the pages. I believe it is also quite visual. I can see in my mind each scene. Whether drinking iced tea on the porch of a ranch house in Texas, or Native Americans fleeing a sickening attack on their home camp, or a young man dying on the battlefield in Afghanistan…the reader will see it all.

 Who is your target audience, and why?

Very broad. This book should have appeal to the readers of Historical Fiction, Native American interest, western, romance, modern western, and legal thriller. The work is very much a modern Dances with Wolves, meets Yellowstone meets Back to the future.

If you were going to give one reason for anyone looking at your book to read, why should they buy it?

Complete escape. I believe my reader will be able to escape for a few hours wherever they are. This is a story that will take you away. I do believe this is our endeavor as storytellers.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

My Family.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

You know that’s an interesting question because I still do not know the genre.

Let’s put this work in the “Wow, that’s a good read genre.”

More seriously, I am a storyteller. It is a gifting. I believe that it becomes evident quickly in the book.

 How do you overcome writer’s block?

Never had it. I’m 70% into Book 2, a prequel to the generation of characters introduced in  One a thousand Lodge Fires.

I was on a road trip the other day, had to pull over a let my wife Ellie drive… while I wrote a complete outline of book 3.

No block here.
What one piece of advice do you have for new authors.

It’s a principle found in the pages of A New Beginning.

Ask young Timothy Collins, a young teen character in the novel… never give up. Not Ever!

Tell your readers anything else you want to share.

I hope you are inspired, moved. I hope you laugh, and I hope you cry. I did so as I wrote what came forth from my heart.