Saturday, September 26, 2020

Taking Back Control Despite Chaos and Covid


Since March 13, 2020, I have been in lockdown mode not wanting to go anywhere to risk being exposed to COVID-19. My motto is that I would rather be safe than sorry. I am one of the fortunate ones who can work from home as I own Absolute Author Publishing House and EZBOOKBLASTER.COM. Even my employees are now working from home. For many, this pandemic has brought a tremendous amount of stress that seems to skyrocket and burn in flames causing chaos in our lives.  Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Taking Back Control Despite Chaos and COVID," by SPG, addresses our stress and provides guidance and suggestions on how to stay calm and focused. Take a look at the book.

Taking Back Control Despite Chaos and Covid



Do you feel stressed out? Are you unhappy with your current situation? When you try to think of a solution for the situation you are unable to calm your mind down? Do you try to meditate and find it difficult to quiet your mind?  In this eBook download, you will discover powerful and simple suggestions that you can start to use immediately!

This is a simple, to the point, book.

 I was living In a perpetual stressful situation. Despite that, I actually started to enjoy my life after using these suggestions. The suggestions are fast and effective. They can quiet your mind so you can then calmly think of rational solutions. You can use these suggestions to curb overeating and impulse shopping. 


You will save money. You do not have to pay for an online course to get these suggestions. You do not need to buy any special equipment. As a bonus, you will also learn "micro soothing" which is a technique you can use in the middle of any challenging incident or situation. This technique is also wonderfully undetectable to the one who may be causing you stress in the situation.