Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Simple Job (Kindle Edition) by Kelly Kenyon


I am really enjoying introducing to my readership and fanbase this next book. To me, "A Simple Job" by Kelly Kenyon is the perfect read as we head into fall and the cooler weather that comes from. I can't wait to build a fire in the fireplace, cuddle up in my chair, and read. It is the perfect environment for the perfect read. Take a look!

A Simple Job Kindle Edition

by Kelly Kenyon (Author) 



A Simple Job is a story about a family man struggling to get back on his feet financially after COVID 19. After stumbling across a secret society that may be able to help, he has to decide to continue to struggle or take a leap of faith.

A series of “simple jobs” take him across the country, where he meets people and finds himself in situations he would never have experienced otherwise. Each job or person has a rule or lesson that adds depth and breadth to his understanding of himself and the world, transforming his very life.

This is an easy read that will leave you feeling good and glad you spent the time.

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Top reviews from the United States

I really enjoyed “A Simple Job.” It begins a little slowly but keeps getting more and more interesting as the secret cult/positive conspiracy starts to send the main character, Eli, off to adventures that I myself would like to have. I learned quite a bit about many things - from the effect of Covid-19 on Americans that I don’t know - to the best way to get off a trapeze safety net - to what great dogs dachshunds are! Hopefully, the author will continue this as a series. I would love to get to know some of the characters better and to have more armchair adventures.

Left me feeling heard & renewed. Empowering, bad or good its just a thing. I’m here in this spot for a reason. If I go into it with a stink face, it’s gonna be stinky. With all our hurts and prejudices, we judge to quickly, by understanding another person’s stories, it helps us be more patient and forgiving of others, and in that, we learn to be that way with ourselves. There’s always something you can get from it if you’re open enough.

What a great story! I’m not a huge reader, but this was an easy read with a great message. I didn’t want to put it down.


Kelly has been writing since grade school. She was influenced by authors like Richard Bach and Catherine Ryan Hyde and strives to write stories that challenge your views of what is possible while uplifting and entertaining you.