Thursday, September 24, 2020

P is for Politics: Patriots, Politicians, Pundits, and the President


With the USA election just around the corner, today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "P is for Politics: Patriots, Politicians, Pundits, and the President," by Kristina Moses Sparks, is spot-on reading. Take a look!

P is for Politics: Patriots, Politicians, Pundits, and the President Paperback – Illustrated, September 17, 2020

by Kristina Moses Sparks (Author)

A patriotic book in which children cordially communicate on tough issues, such as God, guns, abortion, climate change, law enforcement, free speech, and more, bringing back true political debate of ideas and flipping groupthink on its head. A mother’s or grandmother’s dream tool to introduce sensitive political issues one at a time, at an appropriate time, in the privacy of your own home. Fun and unique to its time, Paul and Polly seem to always find something on which they agree. Common ground can be found!


Product Details


·         Item Weight: 7.1 ounces

·         Paperback: 60 pages

·         ISBN-10: 1644680939

·         ISBN-13: 978-1644680933

·         Product Dimensions : 8.27 x 0.16 x 10.75 inches


An awesome resource for any family during such An upheaval and divide in our country. Presents the facts on a level children can understand and teaches of tolerance. The only way to truly implement change is to teach our children that conflict is fine as long as it leads to resolution. That starts by trying to understand on a human level as opposed to a political one. A must-read for any family.

This book makes it easy for parents to discuss morally challenging issues with our kids before society and schools start the indoctrination process. We LOVED IT!


Kristina Moses Sparks is a well-rounded American from middle America. She has an associate degree from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth; which she earned with a 3.95 GPA in 2009. She is a veteran of the Army Reserves program. Kristina would like her audience to know that she, like many other Americans, felt forgotten or left behind by the quickly changing political environment in America. Kristina is a loving person that has decided to shake off naivety and do something to help families bring back God and discipline…bring on an awakening to hard truths and moral repair within the family; as well as in both our local and federal governments. #WakeUpAmerica