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Assault on Devil's Den: Champion of Valor Book 1 (The Sarcasca Chronicles)

Assault on Devil's Den: Champion of Valor Book 1 (The Sarcasca Chronicles) Paperback – August 19, 2020

by Eric Balch  (Author)

Pelagius, Servant of Ender, God of Valor, is haunted by his recent and brutal battles. He is tired, battle-weary, and ready to put down the mantle of hero. Seeking a reprieve from the nightmarish memories of his endeavors, he and his companion, Bojan, rest in a small hamlet. However, it seems as though the once-proud hero can never be free from danger.

During his stay, he and Bojan witness a terrible magical attack. The mysterious Green-Eyed Man uses dark magic that steals the very souls of its victims.

Realizing that the source of the Green-Eyed Man’s power is none other than the soul-devouring Babu, Pelagius knows there is only one thing he can do. He must infiltrate the fortress of Devil’s Den and kill Babu once and for all. But to reach him—let alone stand a chance at defeating him—they must fortify themselves with a company of heroes from all over the kingdom of Waskan and beyond.

Will Pelagius and Bojan be able to unite a band of diverse heroes to try and conquer evil? Or will a series of unforeseen obstacles along their way stop them before they can take a stand in the Devil’s Den?

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence and Animal Death

This book is written in present tense.

Product Details

·         Item Weight: 1.03 pounds
·         Paperback: 316 pages
·         ISBN-10: 1735549606
·         ISBN-13: 978-1735549606
·         Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.79 x 9 inches
·         Publisher: Bowker (August 19, 2020)
·         Language: English

About Eric Balch

Eric Balch was born and raised in Texas and attained a Bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University. He went on to co-own a successful business making and selling dog treats and dog food, but that business was sold years ago. 

He has been writing for many years now, but it was only recently that he completed his first book. He hopes that the success of it will inspire him to greater efforts and more exciting titles in the future.

In his free time, he likes to read, watch movies, and play video games. One of his passions is for cooking, and he loves spending time creating great food in the kitchen. Halloween is one of his favorite times of the year, and he enjoys nothing more than preparing his house for Trick or Treaters. HIs yard haunt, Deadman Manor, is popular with both the kids and parents alike, and many of his neighbors look forward to the annual home horror  

He still lives in Texas today, with his fiancé Jenn and their three dogs: a Havanese named Merlin and two Jack Russel Terriers, Kerry, and Smidgeon. He is looking forward to continuing to write stories that will appeal to as many as possible. He primarily writes fantasy novels.

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