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A Toadstool's Treasures: Journey Into the Fascinating World of Fungi Paperback – July 7, 2020

Today's children's BOOK OF THE DAY goes beyond the imagination in the fascinating world of fungi.  The author, Jason Wilson MS, has created a magical world perfect to entertain your young ones. Illustrated by Hannah Nico Weaver, this book, "A Toadstool's Treasures: Journey Into the Fascinating World of Fungi," is sure to please. Take a look.

A Toadstool's Treasures: Journey Into the Fascinating World of Fungi Paperback – July 7, 2020
by Jason Wilson MS  (Author), Hannah Nico Weaver (Illustrator)

“What good is a fungus?” asked Molly, disgusted. Molly hates mushrooms. When she learns that she is going to have to eat mushroom stew (yuck!) while spending the night at her friend’s house, she takes out her frustration on a couple of innocent fairy ring mushrooms before being greeted by a mysterious steward of the fungi named Brother Toadstool. Their strange guest leads the two friends on a fascinating adventure to discover the ways that fungi affect our environment, our health, and more. But will Molly learn to respect the fungus among us? Find out in A Toadstool’s Treasures!
A Toadstool's Treasures is a fun educational story of two friends that are swept away into a fantastical adventure into the life of fungi. Readers will discover many of the different ways that fungi function in the environment, how fungi are used as foods and medicines, and much more. A Toadstool's Treasures touches on core topics of mycology, ecology, and biology, presented in a manner accessible to children and young adults. Written by a science educator, A Toadstool's Treasures is designed to be read for entertainment or used as a learning tool by teachers and homeschooling caregivers. Free lesson plans that accompany the story are available at

Product details

·         Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
·         Paperback:  68 pages
·         ISBN-10: 0998572861
·         ISBN-13: 978-0998572864
·         Publisher  Natural Learning Enterprises, LLC (July 7, 2020)
·         Product Dimensions : 8.5 x 0.16 x 8.5 inches
·         Language: English

About the Author

I wear many hats. Father. Husband. Educator. Scientist. Artist. Author. Entrepreneur.

My journey in life has taken me from the Deep South in the middle of Mississippi to the West Coast in Southern Oregon and everywhere in between. I have a passion for art, science and philosophy and I love to share that passion with others. Throughout my life, this passion has manifested itself in many ways, taking me on all sorts of adventures that have inspired who I am today.

In high school I produced a charity music and arts festival in my quiet unsuspecting hometown at the very bottom of Rankin County. Full of naivety and ignorance, I dove into an idea and realized what would later be called The Free Expression Exposition of 2007. This experience taught me that it is possible to make dreams become reality, even if you don't know the path to get to the final result. Press forward and the path will reveal itself. This was a huge part of my psychological development, and gave me the confidence to follow my bliss - to channel Joseph Campbell.

In college I studied philosophy, psychology, and biology - uncertain of what I would do with my life, but determined to study the things that called to me. It would later all synthesize beautifully in graduate school as I became trained as a science educator, providing me opportunities to teach, research, and write.

Feeling the call of research and field work, during graduate school I pursued work as a botanist and after graduating I worked in a natural products laboratory for several years studying Cannabis. I later worked in several product manufacturing and analytical research laboratories working with medicinal plants before deciding to take the dive into entrepreneurship. This resulted in the development of my company, Natural Learning Enterprises. NLE is a mission-driven company focused on enhancing critical thinking skills and public scientific literacy about the natural world through science and philosophy media production, education services, scientific advisory services, and scientific consulting.

I love to write - whether it be technical science writing, children's stories, or science fiction. Writing allows me to critically explore ideas and inspire curiosity in others. When I'm not teaching, writing, or studying plants and mushrooms, I'm usually spending time with my wife and daughter laughing as much as we can. I also enjoy gardening, writing and recording music, painting, hiking, and reading.

I hope that my work can add value to your life in some way and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with you.

Stay curious, and take it easy.

About the Illustrator

Hannah Nico Weaver is an artist based in Tallahassee, Florida. She has been practicing digital art for nearly ten years, and has illustrated 3 children's books since 2017. Her biggest inspirations come from fantasy and folklore, as well as the beauty of the natural world. She is currently a student at Florida State University pursuing a degree in Animation and Digital Arts, and strives to continue combining illustration and artistry with storytelling.