Friday, September 18, 2020

Helping Our Country, One Friend at a Time: We’re All in This Together – August 17, 2020 by Virginia Kennedy


The national election is just around the corner and for many Americans they still don't know who they will vote for. In my opinion, we should all gain enough knowledge on all the facts concerning both candidates. That's where reading books come in handy.  Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Helping Our Country, One Friend at a Time: We’re All in This Together"  by Virginia Kennedy offers a unique perspective. Take a look.

Helping Our Country, One Friend at a Time: We’re All in This Together Paperback – August 17, 2020

by Virginia Kennedy  (Author)


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Save Your Way-of-Life: If you plan to vote for President Trump, you understand that our very Way-of-Life is at risk, and this book will explain how you can get your Democrat Friends to vote for him as well. Virginia Kennedy is the author of the book – Helping Our Country, One Friend at a Time. A Conservative will already know most everything in this book, which is why she didn’t write it for them. It was written for a conservative to EASILY and ANONYMOUSLY send it to one of their Democrat friends. The book is a non-threatening explanation of what you the Conservative already knows, why they’re so concerned, and why their Democrat friend should be concerned as well. Their Democrat friend will probably never tune in to Fox News or Conservative Talk Radio, and nobody wants to bombard a friend with a two-hour lecture. So the solution is to let this book do the talking for the Conservative, and the message is far too important to NOT be shared with those so uninformed. Your friend Won’t Buy It: A Democrat would never BUY this book, but for about $10 on Amazon, the conservative can EASILY put it in their hands. We would suggest it be sent anonymously because they will read it out of curiosity as to… WHO SENT IT, WHY THEY GOT IT, and WHAT IT’S ABOUT. 

To send it Anonymously, we advise to NOT click the Gift Options on an Amazon Order because it WILL insert a note with the purchases first name on it. In most cases, a package being delivered from Amazon, for example, will have Amazon’s Return Address on the package, NOT the address of the purchaser. If someone REALLY wants to spike their friend’s curiosity, then ship copies to their own home and then mail them out in an unmarked envelope to their friends. Either way, Amazon customers know how easy it is to send a gift, and Prime Customers also get free shipping. Send the first copy to that one person who said Donald Trump is an Idiot, and others will come to mind before you’re through. They will Read It: Regardless of HOW it’s shipped, the book reminds them that no one MADE them read it, and they can always toss it in the trash – but they won’t. They’re curious about what’s in this 210-page paperback that’s equivalent to listening to a week’s worth of Conservative Talk Radio. Since the conservative knows exactly who needs to get this book, this is a more cost-effective way to change a mind than even contributing money to a political campaign. Instead of making a $100 donation, that same $100 can ANONYMOUSLY target books to 10 friends, which can change ten minds.

Considering what happens with Left-Wing Liberals in charge of the government, that’s a small investment to help save the country, save taxes, save your retirement assets, and save your sanity. In addition to sending the book to several friends, you can help by sharing a link to this video with your many Conservative friends who can do the same thing. In addition to explaining why they received this book as a gift, we Congratulate the Reader about their Democrat Media and tell them… “To analogize politics as a Cultural Battlefield, then you as Democrat should be happy that your team has much more Media than ours, and YOUR MEDIA is in perfect lock-step with your political party. So the Democrats win that part. But keep in mind that YOUR Democrat MEDIA is not misleading OUR Team. They are misleading YOUR Democrat Team. If we thought CNN was honest, we’d be watching them, but we aren’t. We go on to say… “Similar to Radio Free Europe, our grass-roots grand plan is air-dropping these books behind enemy lines – to one friend at a time and we tell them that MAYBE, just MAYBE a Democrat should forget about their hate for President Trump just long enough to get an honest update on what THEIR SIDE is actually fighting for, because based on how most everyone feels about our 12-Item list, they may realize they’re actually on the Wrong Side of the battlefield.”

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·         Item Weight: 10.6 ounces

·         Paperback: 218 pages

·         ISBN-10: 1649530579

·         ISBN-13: 978-1649530578

·         Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

·         Publisher: Absolute Author Publishing House (August 17, 2020)

·         Language: English



Virginia Kennedy is a full-time married mother of three wonderful children and a life-long resident of the west coast.

Other than writing, her full-time career is as a consultant in the area of executive security for several Fortune 500 Companies. Her love of country and her flair for humor combines with a “passion to Persuade” about all the unique blessings we have in our country today.