Friday, September 18, 2020

Broken and Abused: The Imprisoned Mind


Have you ever read  book that touches your soul? When you do, have you asked why? For me, my answer revolves around authenticity. When an author can be venerable with their thoughts and emotions and put in down on paper, it grabs me.  And, that is exactly what today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Broken and Abused: The Imprisoned Mind" by Lena Ma does. Take a look. 

Broken and Abused: The Imprisoned Mind Paperback – January 31, 2020

by Lena Ma  (Author)

She had it all. A thriving career, a loving fiancé, and the respect of everyone she encountered. Her endless years of searching for true love finally came to an end when she met a man she believed was too good to be true. He seduced her, and his charisma put her under his spell. However, soon into the relationship, he changed. He commits unspeakable acts of abuse and infidelity that forces her to blame herself and plead for forgiveness. The more abusive he is, the more obsessive she becomes, eventually leading her life to a perpetual downfall. Will she be able to escape her relationship from hell, or will this become her eventual demise?



Author of "Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships" and its sequel "Letters to Those Loved & Lost: You Will Always Be Remembered", Lena Ma dives deep into her most memorable and traumatic relationship in "Broken & Abused: The Imprisoned Mind", a fiction novella based on the true story of her scarred life and romantic love with a physical and emotional abuser. She recounts the events that seduced her in and the mindset that entrapped her, preventing her escape. She tells her story as being a victim to herself rather than a victim to her partner. With raw and unfiltered emotions, she brings her readers into the chilling and disturbing world of self-destruction.



Lena Ma is a self-love and self-acceptance advocate actively seeking to shift the mindsets of those who have lost hope and confidence. Her unfiltered thoughts and opinions drive her memoirs as she relates to those struggling through the 21st Century. She has always had a passion for writing, but it wasn’t until an unexpected breakup and unrequited love did she begin channeling her passion into a realistic dream. Her second book “Crazy & Obsessed: Addicted to Relationships” started off as a diary, containing rants fueled by anger and sadness, and is now the first of her collection of addiction memoirs. Her first book “Letters to the Forgotten: Your Struggles Do Not Define You” began as Instagram posts that she has collected into an interactive self-help book of short letters of hope, with over 100 positive affirmations and chances for her readers to write letters of hope to themselves. As a recent scientist now turned author, Lena hopes to share her message of self-love to the world, through both honesty and humor, passion and persistence.