Tuesday, September 29, 2020

An Eagle's Moment: Waiting in HOPE During the Storm!


Last June, I fractured my shoulder and tore the rotator cuff and as a result I have been having to go to physical therapy twice a week. The pain becomes to take a toil on you, but I have learned to work through it. I refuse to give up or give into the pain and leave my healing in the hands of the Almighty One. Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "An Eagle's Moment: Waiting in HOPE During the Storm," by Jeffrey L Benthall is perfect for those of us dealing with uncertain times and need a spiritual lift. Take a look at this incredible inspiring book. Enjoy!

An Eagle's Moment: Waiting in HOPE During the Storm! 

by Jeffrey L Benthall (Author)


Are you ready to experience justified, guilt-free living and fresh revelations from God?

As the world around us changes and uncertainties are everywhere, what does the future hold for you, your faith, your family, your finances? If you are asking these questions, you are not alone! Here is a powerful book that will help you find the answer to these questions and more. Become empowered and spiritually renewed in your hope in God's promises for your life. Through this book, you will experience God's life-changing promises for these hard times, hope for the weary, and become equipped through the word of God to overcome every difficult circumstance with the power that God has placed within us! Learn about the ten ways that God will use "waiting," and "troubled times" called "eagle moments" in this book to help you prosper, even during the storm, and use them to build a new and better you. The principles found in Isaiah 40:31 will help you to achieve victory in your prayer life. Experience lasting peace in time of trouble, learn how to prosper in tough times, learn how to live a justified, guilt-free life while gaining fresh revelations from God's word!

Product details

·         Paperback : 144 pages

·         ISBN-10 : 164773164X

·         ISBN-13 : 978-1647731649

·         Publisher : Trilogy Christian Publishing (September 24, 2020)

·         Item Weight : 6.2 ounces

·         Product Dimensions : 5.51 x 0.31 x 8.5 inches

·         Language: : English



Jeff Benthall is the founder and senior pastor of Damascus Road Worship Center, Inc. (Jeff Benthall Ministries), located in northeastern North Carolina. He holds an MAR, MRE, and M.Div., as well as a doctorate of ministry from Liberty Theological Seminary. He was the winner of the Liberty University Distinguished Alumni Award (For Outstanding Work in the Community / McFarland Award) in 2011. A local TV Host (A Better Tomorrow Today) and songwriter and producer (CD - "Our High Priest") Damascus Records.com, and Damascus College.org