Saturday, May 23, 2020

Focusing on Success by Rachel Withers

By Rachel Withers
Author of

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by Rachel Withers (Author)

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It's so easy to let your mind get preoccupied and lose track of your goals and dreams.

The world is more full of distractions than ever before, and they are all at our fingertips - social networking, computer games, television, mobile devices, and so on. And even if you don't give in to those distractions, there are life distractions - kids, household chores, errands… How do you stay focused on success?

First of all, no one can remain focused on one thing all day every day. That would be impossible, especially in this world where multiple demands are characteristic of the average day. But you can focus on success by adopting a successful mindset. Here are some ideas on keeping focused on success.

Keep a Log

Every day, write in a log or journal about what you did for your business that day. Note particularly all your successes and things you did toward your goals. If you spent the morning designing a logo, that's not wasted time - that's a success, and a step toward your goal. When you log in this way, you will also be able to see areas where you are losing focus and need to step things up a bit.

Write Your Goals

You probably know this but writing down your goals is important. What you may not have thought of is displaying them where you can see them. Keep them nearby - maybe even frame them - so that you can look often and get your mind back on achieving success.


Visualizing takes the concept of the daydream up several notches. Taking some time every day to visualize your success can help. Take a few quiet minutes and envision yourself succeeding. Be specific - if this is about your business, imagine yourself meeting clients, making them happy, and then imagine those clients telling others.

If this is about personal success, imagine the details of a successful relationship, a harmonious family, or a different lifestyle. Try to make it real, as if you're watching it happen. Think in vivid colours, sights, and sounds.

Don't Be Hesitant

Experts say that it can hamper your success if you keep thinking you need a back-up plan "just in case." It may be better just to go for it 100 percent and not look back. Otherwise, you may jump into your back-up plan at the first sign of trouble, and success takes effort.