Saturday, May 16, 2020

THE BOY WHO LOVED UNICORNS by Nathan Chase Plummer

Today I am introducing you to Nathan Chase Plummer, author of "The Boy Who Loved Unicorns" and "Look Great Naked Cookbook Series."  I love authors who not only write children's books, but also books for adults. Let's get started.

Nathan Chase Plummer is a world-traveled published book author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and foodie. Nathan has traveled to over 25 countries and has a deep love for the written word.

Nathan is the author of the beloved illustrated children’s book The Boy Who Loved Unicorns, a beautiful story of courage, bravery, and unconditional love. This uplifting and inspirational story shares the message that being different is okay, promoting acceptance and an anti-bullying message through stunning storybook illustrations by a renowned European artist.  

He also authored the infamously cheeky and wildly entertaining Look Great Naked Cookbook series. A fun approach to healthy cooking, recipes guaranteed to make you laugh, with gourmet recipes to drool over - all taking less than 30 minutes to prepare. Calories and macros already calculated for you.

With already three published book titles under his belt (selling in over 18 countries), Nathan is currently underway with the third installment of the Look Great Naked Cookbook series, as well as a full length gothic novel.

What inspired you to author "The Boy Who Loved Unicorns?

My inspiration for “The Boy Who Loved Unicorns” was to serve as anti-bullying. Inspiring and encouraging both adults and children alike to love unconditionally and to know that being different is okay!

My inspiration for “The Look Great Naked” cookbook series was to help all to incorporate healthy recipes in a fun and exciting way! Healthy cooking it will have you laughing all the way through the recipes. With a maximum preparation time of only 30 minutes, all calories and macros calculated for you!



The Boy Who Loved Unicorns is beautiful and heartfelt tale about the imagination of one brave little boy. The courage of Nicky Chase will melt your heart and encourage you, even in adulthood, to still believe. Through Nicky’s power of imagination he is able to overcome obstacles and adversity in his young life. This is an inspiring and uplifting true-story that every adult must read, and every child must hear.  A beautifully inspiring reminder to always be kind, embrace differences, love without prejudice, and to never stop chasing our dreams. A much needed message in today’s world. Both the young and the young at heart will be transported, and encourage us all to still believe!
This hardcover book reads like a poem and is gorgeously illustrated from beginning to end, and is guaranteed to make your heart grow two sizes larger. 

Written by multiple time published author Nathan Chase Plummer, and illustrated by renowned European artist Silvan Borer of Zürich Switzerland. 


★★★★★  "The Boy Who Loved Unicorns" takes you on an adventure of restoring imagination, accepting your dreams, and recognizing the magic that is inside each of us. Nicky Chase teaches children young and old, that it’s okay to be different, but more importantly, to Be Unique. Joining in Nicky’s struggle on the journey of finding self love and discovery will touch every readers heart. This story restores the magic this world is in dire need of. My wish as a parent of four, is to do what is so beautifully written in this story. Teach my children the importance of being brave and kind. That it is okay to fully embrace who they are and what they love, especially while riding on the back of unicorns, catching dream stars in mason jars.”   — Kwinnae, mother of four, Idaho Falls, ID

★★★★★  "The story is about bravery, passion and heart! It is one that needs to be read over and over! It is heartwarming and tender. Shows what it is like to be in a wonderful imagination and teaches you to never stop believing!”   — Crystal Lin, Wonder Woman, Wellsville, UT

★★★★★  "What a great book! Everyone of all ages should take a moment to read and truly listen to the message given. Be brave and strong and most of all never stop believing and using your imagination. Nathan Chase Plummer brings us a great book that every household should benefit from.”   — Jessica, of Snowy River, College Ward, UT

★★★★★  "We love this tender, heartwarming story!!  Its about the struggles of a little boy and how he conquers them with Love, imagination and bravery!!  A book to not only add to your collection but help your children with real life emotions and feelings... a reminder that with the help of your imagination, you can get through any adversity!  A great bed time story as well as one to fuel imaginations!!  Thoughtful messages and magical  illustrations make this book one of our favorites!!”   — Jaquee, Den Mother, North Salt Lake City, UT

About Look Great Naked Cookbook

Simple healthy recipes by a world traveled foodie. Amazing food, easy recipes, all calories and macros calculated for you. Don't settle for looking great... look great naked! I love amazing food! Admittance is the first step to recovery right? I've traveled the world and eaten my way across the globe. This is a bonafide Foodie's approach to healthy recipes. Gourmet and Healthy do not play nicely together, until now. My promise to you, is amazing recipes that are actually healthy for you, and take less than 30 minutes prep time! All calories and macros are calculated for you, all you have to do is follow the easy steps through each full color recipe, full of zested humor.

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