Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Teach Children How to Cursive Write


We didn't stop there. During this homeschooling lockdown pandemic, my grandchildren also wanted me to teach them how to write in cursive - a form of writing no longer taught in our public schools. Having earned a PhD and a retired teacher and principal, creating lessons to learn how to write in cursive was easy. This one simple request from my grandchildren turned into four workbooks on learning how to cursive write. I couldn't be prouder of them. The first book will be launched in a couple of days.


When it comes to teaching a child cursive writing, you want the best workbook using sound teaching principles. Don't settle for a workbook created by a nonprofessional educator. This workbook and the others in the series, "Having Fun Cursive Writing with Blythe," was created by Dr. Melissa Caudle, an award-winning Principal of the Year, with more than twenty years of experience in education who designed and implemented curriculum and has authored bestselling children's books.

This book series uses the American standard cursive letter formations, whereas many others do not. Would you go to a lawyer for surgery? Then why would you want a book that teaches cursive writing written by someone who is not certified in education or who has never taught children in a classroom? Before purchasing another book that teaches cursive writing, investigate the credentials of the author. Dr. Melissa Caudle holds lifetime certifications as a K-12 teacher, principal, and superintendent, having earned a Ph.D. in Statistics and Curriculum and Instruction.


"Tracing and Writing the Cursive Alphabet in Lower and Upper Case from A – Z for Elementary Kids" teaches children in grades two - six to write cursive letters using directional arrows and dot-to-dot tracing each letter of the alphabet followed by independent practice.

It is the first book in the series. Using tracing and dot-to-dot methodology, children are guided through the alphabet and learn mastery over cursive writing having fun as they progress through the book. Filled with colorful images, which are motivating to children, they have fun with Blythe as she takes them on their cursive handwriting journey.

Part 1 – Learning Strokes - The first part of the book guides children through mastery of fine motor skills that correlate with the motions for cursive writing. They learn loops, waves, and roller coaster strokes, gearing them for cursive writing of the alphabet.:

Part 2 – Upper and Lowercase Mastery - Using the stoke motions learned in Part I, the child is guided through tracing and then copying each letter of the both in upper and lower case.

Part 3 – Putting it All Together - The child first learns to cursive write their first and last name before moving on writing single words and simple short sentences.


Each letter of the alphabet is presented with exercises using the tracing pattern with arrows followed by the dot-to-dot patterns.

The book contains a completion certificate as a reward and is perfect for the classroom and parents who are homeschooling their children.

This is Book 1 of a four-part series.This cursive handwriting book series is divided into four books.

•Book 1 – Tracing and Writing the Cursive Alphabet in Lower and Uppercase from A – Z

•Book 2 – Cursive Writing Numbers, Colors, Seasons, Months, and Names

•Book 3 – Writing Short Words and Sentences in Cursive

•Book 4 - Lined Cursive Writing Practice Book

For teens and young adults, Dr. Melissa Caudle also authored "Learn Cursive Writing for Teens: From A-Z Using Leadership Quotes" and "Learning Cursive Writing for Young Adults: Using Words to Build Confidence."

This book is filled with colorful illustrations and guided practice. Stay tuned for updates. My intent is have all four books in this series to launch on the same day.