Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Current Status of Writers in The Society

Today's guest blogger is Dr. Prasanna Vignesh, author of "Oh Boy You Are in Trouble..."

As I published my first book, naturally I started studying about the promotion strategies and digital marketing. I’ve learned how bad promotion strategies kill a really good book and I also came to know how some good writers are really bad promoters. This thought struck me deep. What if a writer spends years on writing his book, someone who puts his heart into his words and renders a soulful book and this book simply fails because of poor promotion! Or let’s just say, he doesn’t have enough money and totally dependent on his writing to pay his bills! I once learned that 75,000 books are being published every year and not everything end up in a spotlight. There are still many writers who go to their bed with empty stomach. I’m a Doctor and I’m not dependent on writing to pay my bills but what about others? All these questions pose great doubts in the minds of many aspiring young writers.

People debate over self publishing versus traditional publishing, different ways of advertising... but at the end of the day, doesn’t all these concerns to a certain extent affect what we should be actually doing that is writing? The world of entertainment is evolving really faster and people who once used to be avid readers are finding different ways to keep them entertained. Ebooks are replacing paperbacks and I’m actually someone who still prefers paperback to ebook; I remember how my grandpa used to show me the bookshelf and say “These books are our greatest assets”. Things are changing everyday and like Heraclitus once said “The only constant in life is change“. It’s high time we writers adapt to the world of sound technologies without losing our inner traits.