Thursday, May 28, 2020

Single Spark - What if a new pandemic hit? Would you be ready?

Wow! I knew one day that someone would write a book about a pandemic. I also thought it would be mediocre because of the current pandemic we all are forced to be living through.  I was wrong! Today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Single Spark" by N.Z. Komninos is not only on target, but it sets the stage for what our future could look like as well as provide a thrill. Take a look at the book. I highly recommend this book.

Single Spark Kindle Edition
by N.Z. Komninos  (Author)  Format: Kindle & Paperback

The outbreak takes place in SEPTEMBER 2022. The rapid spread and the number of casualties point to a deadly virus with a long incubation period and a high-speed transmission. It immediately draws the attention of the World Health Organization, which following the coronavirus disaster, must at all costs avoid another pandemic.

THREE YEARS EARLIER, 33-year-old Cecilia Stein, has just sold her business for billions. She now has the time and money to pursue her true ambition. She joins forces with Cambridge Professor, Dr. Richard Bale, and together they assemble a team of up-and-coming scientists who put into motion a bold, covert plan to save humanity from environmental catastrophe. Will they cross the moral lines that define the very essence of human existence? More importantly, should they?
The Spark is set in New York, Philadelphia, London, Athens and Tel Aviv in the present day and deals with the moral conflicts that we, as a species, will inevitably face in the new decade.

N.Z. Komninos

For over two decades, Nicholas Z. Komninos has been involved with the management of high-tech companies. He has lived, worked and studied in the US, in the UK and in Greece and has traveled to over thirty countries in five continents. Educated in computer science, psychology, and business administration, Mr. Komninos is inspired but also profoundly concerned about the application of emerging technologies and artificial intelligence in regards to the changes they will bring to our and our children's lives. He regularly speaks at conferences and events about these topics, notably, at TEDx Athens in 2017. In the middle of the previous decade, he decided to express his worries via a series of near-future thrillers. Single Spark is the first book of the series.