Monday, August 24, 2020


Bipolar WINTER 

Historian Aldo Lombardi is a recent graduate of the Pontifical Gregorian University summoned to appear before Pope Benedict. Allison Gillespie is an investigator whose assignment leads her to Aldo and a 500-year-old secret whose discovery may unravel the very fabric of the Christian faith. The pair must uncover the truth behind the secret and reveal what the leaders of the modern Seventh-day Adventist Church know that could destroy the Catholic Church. It's a race against time to discover the truth before hundreds of millions of followers are thrown into chaos—and before a rogue sect unleashes a global cataclysm to fulfill its founder's doomsday prophesy.


I love a great thriller with an edge of suspense. I also love reading historical fiction. "Bipolar Winter" fits both of these. From the start, the characters whom Steiner developed in-depth, jumped off the page into action and didn't let up until the very end. Steiner did an incredible job formulating the characters who were real and that you felt like you knew. The pairing of Aldo and Allison is perfect in this book. One plays off the other in their investigation proceeds. The plot isn't predictable and is amazing as the characters weave in and out of twists and turns to uncover the truth long-held by religious doctrine as they question the reality of their discovery and the impact that it might have on the Catholic Church. At times, my heart raced in some of the most dramatic scenes. (You'll have to read the book to find out because I don't want to give a spoiler alert). I especially loved Steiner's writing style -- he used imagery and painted distinctive scenes throughout. I also love the fact that instead of overusing dialogue tags as he said, she said, Steiner masterfully engaged the reader through dialogue and the characters' actions. That was a bonus for me as I never lost sight of who was speaking; that is how well-written the book is. When a reader knows by dialogue which character is talking, without dialogue tags, you know you have a special book in your hands. This race against time is sure to please readers as it did me. Overall I found the book to be mind-bending suspense thriller as the twists and turns came in this thought-provoking novel and had me thinking of the complexity that Steiner wrote raising the question of, "What if?" The implication of the rawest truth level if the plot were true, and it could be, is mind-blowing.  I absolutely recommend this book without any reservation. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. This thriller delivers and if I could give a higher rating that a five-star I would.  I can't wait for the sequel from Steiner. I'll forever be one of his fans.