Friday, August 7, 2020

O Story -- A Story of Love, Life, and Happiness


This posting is a tad bit unusual as it doesn't fit in with the true since of Book of the Day or my usual author interview. This next project I am presenting you is indeed, not a book per se, but rather a link to an Instagram account where the author will be presenting an "Art Novel" one chapter at a time. Alexander O, presents "O Story," and along with it glorious illustrations.  Doesn't that sound intriguing? First of all, I will warn my readers that the "O Story" is for adults and not for children. With that, I believe in the story of love and I believe in happiness for all. The author has taken a giant step toward presenting an innovative approach to writing and I support that. With beautiful illustrations, and a straightforward approach of finding love, outside the norm, the story is captivating. Tomorrow, the first chapter will be released.


Alexander says, "I want to tell this story, to those who were able to see beyond the “moral restraints” behind which we often hide our true selves and able to see the unconditional love that two guys have for each other. Those who still remember how to live and take life as it is, however different it might be and able to see our genuine desire to share love with another person, who would appreciate their warmth and would accept them with all his heart."

Alexander O is Russian who lives in Europe. He has created the world's first online art novel about nontrivial love. He has been with his partner for eleven years and feels strongly about the love of life, happiness and searching for true identity in the universe. Follow him at: