Thursday, August 13, 2020

Gloria: A Diary Unlocked

When life gives you a mystery, what do you do? Do you brush it off to a coincidence? Do you try to forget it? What if everything you write came true, good or bad? Think about that for a second as I present to you the BOOK OF THE DAY called "Gloria: A Diary Unlocked," by Thomasina M. D'Arezzo. This is a mystery, suspense and romance novel all wrapped nicely into one package. Take a look. Lastly, if you purchase the book, please leave the author an honest review on Amazon. As an author myself, we value reader's feedback.

Gloria: A Diary Unlocked  – August 3, 2020

Gloria: A Diary Unlocked is a romance novel full of mystery and suspense about a captivating woman in her 40’s. It entails relationships/romances, family drama, hope, pain, secrets, betrayal, blackmail, murder, captivity, and loss. Every time Gloria reveals issues about someone to her diary, that person seemingly disappears or dies shortly after that. Is someone reading her diary entries and intervening in her life? Who is responsible for the special people in her life disappearing, and why does she always feel as though something or someone is missing in her life?

Life has taken her into many different directions from her brief marriage at twenty-four, to working at her grandfather’s cruise line, to spending time in Canada. Where will she finally end up once deep dark secrets are revealed?

Product Details

·  Paperback: 185 pages
·  Publisher: Independently published (August 3, 2020)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-13: 979-8671737332
·  Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches


Thomasina M. D’Arezzo is a published poet, author of women’s fiction novels, and children’s books. She is from New England and a Rhode Island native. She enjoys all seasons, especially her favorite, Autumn in New England. She adores the rocky beaches in her area. She has one son, who is a recent college graduate. She has always enjoyed creative writing and letting her imagination wander. She enjoys hiking, creative writing, acting, and listening to music. She is fond of vintage poetry, classic children’s fables, travel, nature, and animals.