Friday, August 7, 2020

Noni Bugs Returns to School (The Adventures of Noni Bugs) Paperback – August 5, 2020


My heart heart dropped when I found out that my grandchildren were starting school during this pandemic. In our district, parents can opt to have their children attend classes either in person or through online instructions. Either way, the look and feel of going to school will be different and will require an adjustment. Today's book of the day is perfect to help children adjust and to cope with the change. Take a look.

Noni Bugs Returns to School (The Adventures of Noni Bugs) Paperback – August 5, 2020

by Adrianne Ashford  (Author), Courtney Ashford  (Author),

Everybody has the jitters, heading back to school at last.

But Noni Bugs and all the critters soon will have a blast!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Noni Bugs has been doing her schoolwork at home for many months. Now, it’s time to return to the classroom, but everything is rather different. Luckily, sweet Mrs. Cook is there to help adjust!

This topical tale is the perfect way for parents to help replace their children’s fears with due excitement.


Product Details

 ·  Series: The Adventures of Noni Bugs (Book 1)

·  Paperback: 43 pages

·  Publisher: Independently published (August 5, 2020)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-13: 979-8671532647

·  ASIN: B08F6CG75V




Adrianne Ashford is an educator, mother of 19-year old twins, and author of the new childrens book Noni Bugs Returns To School. She loves working with kids and finding ways to encourage them to share their emotions in a healthy way. She has served students for 19+ years as a School Counselor and Administrator. Follow her at @apasosashford on IG/FB or visit