Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

When you are at work or in a social environment you give signals. Yes signals. Your body language says something about you, the way you dress, and they way you speak. Do you want to give yourself the upper-hand? If you said, "Yes," then today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "English the Native Way" by Ricky D. Butler is perfect for you. Take a look.

 by Ricky D Butler

English the Native Way has been written specifically for any student who wants to sharpen his or her communication skills in preparation for formal and technical working environments.

The author of English the Native Way has drawn upon the fundamentals of human cognition theory, speech therapy, modern pedagogy, and linguistic case studies to create an innovative technique for students who need authentic language instruction beyond standardized testing for a career.  This technique, which is wholly filtered of useless grammatical details and low-frequency concepts, optimizes the interactions between productive skills and receptive skills to help each student excel to a distinguished level of fluency.  Such a level will be more than sufficient to meet the demands of Higher Learning, business, science and technology, medicine, defense, and more.

This book is perfect for you if:

    You perform well on multiple-choice examinations, but you struggle to communicate on your own.
    You can initiate short conversations, but you struggle to provide details on your main points.
    You have no problem understanding English, but you struggle to express your own ideas.
    You try to dominate a conversation due to limitations in listening comprehension.
    You want a language learning system that works in Informal, Formal, and Technical Settings.
    You received good grades in English, but you struggle to write emails, letters, and reports.
    You did not learn about structured speech or writing composition during your training.
    You try to speak English like you speak your native language.
    You have a large vocabulary bank, but you are not sure how or when to use certain words.

Ricky D. Butler, who is a language trainer with a Master’s Level TEFL certificate from BridgeTEFL, specializes in the development of E-learning content, corporate-readiness modules, and evaluation techniques for Advanced ESL learners.  He has not only prepared comprehensive language material for private teachers, schools, and authors but he has also created tandem courses for students who want to integrate English instruction into technical trades.  This is all possible thanks to his Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from The Ohio State University, his 10+ years as a technical writer, and his business know-how.  For anyone who is searching for a real-life language experience or who is looking for Advanced English training without useless details, he or she has come to the right place!