Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Dennis the monkey and the loaf of bread (Good night stories Book 2)

Here is a wonderful bedtime story for children. "Dennis the monkey and the loaf of bread," by Ariela Pelly fits the bill for a nightly read with your children.  Take a look.

Dennis the monkey and the loaf of bread (Good night stories Book 2) Kindle Edition
by Ariela Pelly  (Author) 

An amazing adventure with Dennis the monkey. Read and see what happens when he discovers a loaf o bread. What does he do with it.

It is also beautifully illustrated.

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About Ariela Pelly

Ariela was born in 1972. She graduated B.Ed. in early childhood education and started to work as kindergarten teacher and later she become a school teacher. Ariela has four kids. Her first book John Knows How to Multiply is aimed to explain to children what is multiplication and to encourage them to learn multiplication by reading about another kid that have the same problem. The book also includes exercises and games to assist the kid memorize by heart. Ariela's second book, Dan Wants to Run teaches the child how to take a target and work hard to get it. It teaches the kid that the winner is not necessarily the one who one but the one that tried hard to get his target. More books are about to come so keep following.