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Secrets of the Kashmir Valley Paperback – July 25, 2020

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Secrets of the Kashmir Valley Paperback – July 25, 2020
by Farhana Qazi  (Author)

Winner of the 21st Century Leader Award and the Humanitarian Award American scholar Farhana Qazi tells you a story that is unforgettable. In this new, special edition, Qazi takes you inside the world’s most militarized zone to meet the women--peaceful protestors, political activists, and the prime victims of a brutal war. Discover Kashmir, a place of great beauty and immense tragedy.

This book is not about the politics of war, but the people living inside it. Qazi shares the true, emotional, personal stories of women, who struggle, sacrifice, and survive against all odds. And to survive, women (and men) hold onto secrets or they die. Kashmir is an active conflict. It is unsettling and unpredictable. Every day, someone dies. Someone is detained. Or someone disappears. The valley of death is also described as ‘Paradise on Earth.’ But in this land of magic and myth, there are madmen and militaries that trample on Kashmir’s beauty. After seven decades of war, Kashmiris go on living. They go to school. They fall in love. They get married. Many have children. They do what seems normal, despite the protests, politics, and paranoia of living in a place that is not free. Qazi uses powerful storytelling to reveal the secrets of conflict.

This book is a heart-breaking reminder that military occupation must end to allow the Kashmiri people to be free. PRAISE FOR THE BOOK “A brilliant read.

This book reveals why human security is a global issue.” — U.S. AMBASSADOR PRUDENCE BUSHNELL

“Qazi gives us insights into rarely visible Kashmir. Her powerful narrative and sensitive, brilliant storytelling, reveal her personal background and in-depth research experiences in Kashmir. A highly skilled writer, Qazi also provides a heart-and-soul connection for the reader that has been featured in organized panels at the United Nations.” --LOIS A. HERMAN, UNITED NATIONS

“Qazi brings the colors, smells, people and politics of Kashmir to life. The only thing more enlightening would be to travel there yourself.” — PORTER FOX, EDITOR OF THE AWARD-WINNING NOWHERE MAGAZINE

“Farhana Qazi, a Texan of Pakistani descent, has written a shimmering book about her encounters with the women of Kashmir, starting with her own mother, who joined the Pakistani Army to fight for Kashmir. Qazi travelled to this land of haunting beauty to interview activists and advisors, protestors and politicians, mothers and martyrs, educators and entertainers, and more. The result is a moving journey through what has been called “the most beautiful prison in the world.”— DEBORAH SCROGGINS, AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST.

An American woman sets out on a journey to understand one of Asia’s longest running wars and the role of women within it. Farhana’s bravery, open-mindedness, intelligence and tenacity take her into danger, real lives, raw emotions and ultimately discovery. This is a book that must be read by those who wish to deeply understand the motivations, lives and thoughts behind women in Kashmir.” --ROBERT YOUNG PELTON, AUTHOR AND DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKER

“Farhana Qazi’s brilliant book combines her unique personal experience with her deep knowledge of the region, its people and its culture to tell us a story far more information about today’s events than any intelligence brief. And it is beautifully written--a joy to read.” --BRIAN MICHAEL JENKINS, COUNTER-TERRORISM EXPERT

“Secrets of the Valley is an important book that unveils the quintessential role of women in one of the most contested areas of the world. It is a deeply touching and personal story that pulls us closer to the women and men in Kashmir.”--SETH G. JONES, DIRECTOR, TRANSNATIONAL THREATS PROJECT, THE CENTER FOR STRATEGIC & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES

“Farhana gives us an extraordinarily different perspective with a focus on women. For anyone who wishes to understand this land of poets and mystics, this is essential reading.” --AKBAR AHMED, AUTHOR, PLAYWRIGHT & FORMER DIPLOMAT

Product Details

·  Paperback: 184 pages
·  Publisher: Independently published (July 25, 2020)
·  Language: English
·  ISBN-13: 979-8665831428
·  Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap

A memorable story of self-invention in a strange land: Farhana Qazi’s unflinching account of her amazing journey into Kashmir as a storyteller to uncover the truths of conflict. 
When Farhana Qazi arrived in Kashmir, she was unaware of the secrets that women (and men) held close to their hearts. These secrets, or hidden truths, were shielded from the Army in the world’s most militarized zone so that the people could live for another day. After meeting with political activists, prisoners, and peacemakers, Qazi knew this was a story she had to share with the world to call attention to the ‘forever’ conflict. In writing the true, emotional stories of Kashmir, with descriptive prose and powerful storytelling, Qazi hopes that she can engage readers and help them discover Kashmir, a place of immense beauty and great tragedy. Through her travels, crossing mountains between India and Pakistan, Qazi introduces the reader to a people marked by conflict, scarred by trauma, and yet, they live with incredible hope. They live for the right to self-determination. They live to be free. 


Winner of the 21st Century Leader Award and the Humanitarian Award

Farhana Qazi is an American scholar, storyteller, and speaker. Her focus is global conflicts, terrorism & violent extremism, as well as women in war and peacekeeping.

For nearly twenty years, she has traveled throughout the Muslim world to understand political Islam, local drivers of extremism and the roots of conflict. She offers a variety of training courses to the U.S. military and addresses the worldwide threat.

For her service to the U.S. military, she received the 21st Century Leader Award, presented by the National Committee on American Foreign Policy in New York; and the Distinguished Humanitarian Award for her research on women in war from Southwestern University, her alma mater.

She is the author of Secrets of the Kashmir Valley, a human-interest story focused on the protracted conflict between India and Pakistan (2020) and other books in the Kashmir collection. Her other work includes “Invisible Martyrs: Inside the Secret World of Islamic Female Radicals” which explores the reasons why Muslim women and girls turn to violent extremism (2018). Qazi received The Benjamin Franklin Book Award in non-fiction for this book.

Farhana has appeared in the mainstream media: CNN, BBC television and radio, Public Broadcasting Service, National Public Radio, Fox News, C-Span, Bloomberg, ABC News, MSNBC, Canadian national television, Voice of America, Al-Jazeera, and more.

To learn more about her work, visit www.farhanaqazi.com