Friday, August 28, 2020


Dear Readers,

If you like fantasy novels and fairies, then you will this gem I have discovered.  "The Ancient Relics" by Cesar O. Zuniga is filled with lively and intriguing characters and Zuniga has created a remarkable world of fantasy.  Take a look.


In a world where the elves have been conquered, where their once proud and storied species sits on the verge of extinction, humans rule with an iron fist. Fear weighs heavily on the remaining survivors, and the hope of freedom has been long forgotten.

After centuries of unimaginable suffering, Veraldine, a young elf, has the opportunity to save her people, but to do so she will be forced to contend with multiple threats that will relentlessly challenge her resolve, while serving to forge her destiny.

Alfheim, Veraldine's Quest is a fantasy saga of books, consisting of three books so far, which first volume have been electronically published in 2014, in Spanish, under the name: Alfheim, El puente de las eras. The first paperback edition of that volume was published through in 2017.

Due to the extended size of the original books, the saga went through multiple new updates and revisions. In 2019 a new version was born, and the first 3 books were published in Spanish that same year. And, after one and a half years, the first book has finally been translated to English and will be available in October 2020.

"Alfheim, Veraldine's Quest" is a books saga that counts with 3 published books in Spanish, and the first one of them in English.


Cesar O. Zuniga


Hey there! My name is Cesar O. Zuniga. Note: my full name is Cesar Omar Zuniga Amador, (which is a long name, I know!).

Yes, this is my biography, but I don’t want to treat this as a formality. Instead, I thought it’d be great to evoke the feel of a friendly, personal chat, the kind we might have in person.

After this, I hope you’ll have a better feel for the kind of person I am.

So, who am I? I’m an economist by profession and a writer by passion, but, like everyone, I’m more than just titles. I remember a funny nickname some colleagues ascribed to me back in my home country Mexico, they called me: “dreamer”. I’ve always felt like that word describes me quite accurately, and maybe soon you’ll understand why.